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It is a bunch of articles where you can find our latest news, progress on projects and what is on our head sometimes.

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We are all students, and will always be.

I have so far considered myself as a professionnal having worked within a company doing 3D graphics. But when I see some of the greatest artworks out there, I sometimes can feel overwhelmed or depressed. So what should I do? There is something I realised lately : even...

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I did it: my summer roadtrip!

  Some people would think it weird or unusual the way I plan ahead my holidays or projects in life. I have chosen a couple of places I would like to go and decided I would visit them one at a time every two years. And this summer it was: A MOTORBIKE ROADTRIP...

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Happy New Year 2017!

Hi Everyone! With each day passing by, lots of good things are being accomplished. The cold replaced the warm and sunny days. Birds do not sing the same songs. It is this time of the year again: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish all of you the best for...

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Art WeekEnd is at the Heart of Awesomeness!

I remember waking up, feeling exhausted. My sticky eyes started opening to a familiar place, my bedroom, my homeplace. I felt like I just had a dream, but so intense I wonder whether it was real or not. Then I saw it: Haven't had anything attached to my wrist since...

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Foodista Challenge #25 – Party Dessert!

Hi everyone! As you can see, I again take part in the Foodista Challenge this month. I know what you are thinking: what has cooking to do in here? Well, cooking, apart from the fact that it is also an art form, is something fun 🙂 you should try it yourself if you...

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Making a Positive Change

Many of us have already had the will to change something in the world. A change that would have an impact. A Positive impact. However, who has ever come up with an answer to that question we then all have: How to make a Positive Change? I don't pretend this is THE...

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IndieCade 2016!

You all know about it, I am pretty sure: this weekend took place IndieCade, the International Festival of Independant Games. It was held in the CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) in the Center of Paris from Friday the 18th to Saturday the 19th of...

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A Wish for Cheese!

Hey! I just could not resist! Remember I told you I liked cheese? After the last recipe I had to do something! It is not entirely true that I did that for lack of cheese but I caught myself preparing that nice little plate and I kinda wanted to take a picture of it :)...

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It’s the end of it all!

Hi Guys! Time has flew by and here I am with half of my drawings for Inktober 2016. It has been a terrific exercice and I am happy to have been part of it even if it has not lasted. What now? First of all, below you can find the drawings I am proud of (not all of them...

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Use your Voice, express yourself!

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about your voice. What I call voice here is not only the sound coming out of your throat but everything that allows you to show the world what you have to say so it can also be a painting, a book, and even a blog. You only have one and...

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Take on Inktober!

Hi everyone! This month has started the now worldwide known Inktober challenge. This is an exciting moment for thousands of artists all over the world as we get to see lots of inspiring drawings flowing everyday for a month. In short: you have to do a drawing in ink...

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Be part of a community!

Hi guys! I just spent an evening in a gathering of indie game developers. One important lesson I got from that is: Being around people is an essential part of any kind of creative work, it is even part of life. What you do have meaning if you share it with others and...

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Why we are here?

I wrote this text last friday. My motorbike broke down again one week after I got it fixed and ended up stuck somewhere far from home: Sometimes, you got days that makes you want to give it all up! I'm tellin' ya, life's fucking hard and unfair. So, what's there for...

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Go outside, get Inspired!

How to get inspired? This is a little follow up on the post I did a few weeks ago (check it HERE). How did it go, did you make it? I have started going out a lot lately, not only for leisure but also to attend conferences, workshops and talks. What is great there is...

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