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We are all students, and will always be.

by | Sep 22, 2017 | News | 0 comments

I have so far considered myself as a professionnal having worked within a company doing 3D graphics. But when I see some of the greatest artworks out there, I sometimes can feel overwhelmed or depressed.

So what should I do?

There is something I realised lately : even the masters of our time say they are students, they train, over and over whenever they have got the time and even when they don’t.

What does this tell us ?

That we are all students, and will always be. It is known we never stop learning, may this be drawing or any other skill. What happens here is that if the masters are training as we do, how can we expect to best them at one point ? We don’t, and that is what is great about that.

Stop comparing yourself to others, start comparing yourself to who you were yesterday!

That is the big thing ! We are all at a different stage but if we make sure we are better than who we were yesterday (or some days before that), we are improving and that is all that matters. We still have value even if it is not that of a master because it is also said we are masters and students at the same time. Even if we aren’t happy with what we do, there is someone at an earlier stage we can teach as someone ahead of us can teach us.

Feel happy with being a student and about where you are at

So, now that I am happy with what I do (even if there is still room for improvement), I will start sharing more of my drawings and projects, whatever they may look like. Hope you will understand my approach here and keep on supporting myself and the others around you 😉

Get ready to see some nasty drawings !

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