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I did it: my summer roadtrip!

by | Sep 21, 2017 | News | 0 comments


Some people would think it weird or unusual the way I plan ahead my holidays or projects in life. I have chosen a couple of places I would like to go and decided I would visit them one at a time every two years. And this summer it was:


I was not sure whether I would do it or not but it seems that this year everything arrange itself so that I can live my dreams. And yes, it is kind of a dream for me to travel around the world on my motorbike and I did it!

At first, I had to have a motorbike that can ride all the way around. And this was a challenge in itself considering it has broken down every single summer since I got it in 2013.

Then, the places: where would I go, how would I do it? And it all started when my dear friend Mathieu told me we could spend some time in a house in the town called Leucate. That was the start and for the other places, it turns out I have friends in every big city after that.

Below is a map I drew showing most of the different places I have visited during this roadtrip 🙂

Places I visited during my trip

As usual for me, it would never have been such a great experience without the people I met along the way.

So I will start by thanking Mathieu and all my beloved friends who were there at Leucate with me. I spent such a tremendous time with you all!

The people at the Carcassonne Castle who were very nice. Those from the tourist office, the two who were drawing at the entrance, the youngsters taking pictures, the one complimenting on my drawings.

At Toulouse, Chris (a great photograph, check this out chochris images). An enormous thank you to Sophie who showed me around and made me discover the association Enfin, bref. and the Rocadabar! And also her great friend Jehanne (Jehanne Bout d’Espoir). People I had the chance to meet even if we did not share names but just good time.

The people from the castle at Pau who showed me the best spot for my drawing and who came back checking if I were alright.

At Bayonne, my friends Cindy and Damien for showing me around and hosted me for a night in their lovely place. A big thank you to Maite who introduced me to pelote basque in the morning.

At Andernos, the man who gave me an oyster to taste 🙂

At bordeaux, it was a bit different as I felt like in big cities, something standing between people at first. But once you know how to talk with them, they are wonderful. I was happy to meet my friend Elise who gave me a nice dedication.

And of course, you already know him if you have read my previous posts: my best friend Eric (chezpaparico) and his lovely family at La Rochelle. I miss you all so much!


What did I get out of it?


It is still an interesting question to ask, isn’t it?

Well, it is said you always need to think about your “why” whenever you do something (or at least something important to you). Motorbikes fascinates a lot young children, many of them ask if they can touch or sit on my motorbike even though is has nothing really special. So, maybe because my older brother also had one, I wanted to get one and travel with it, around the whole world if that was possible.

Then, after having travelled a few times, in places quite different from what we are used to, I feel like I need that to stay humble, to feel connected, to get inspired.

This brings me new horizon, lead me to think somehow differently and in a way helps me having more confidence, in myself, … and in the world.

Hopefully I will keep on doing it and share whatever I can with the great people that are out there 😉


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