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Art WeekEnd is at the Heart of Awesomeness!

by | Dec 9, 2016 | News | 0 comments

I remember waking up, feeling exhausted. My sticky eyes started opening to a familiar place, my bedroom, my homeplace.

I felt like I just had a dream, but so intense I wonder whether it was real or not. Then I saw it: Haven’t had anything attached to my wrist since almost a decade but still, it was now like a part of myself, at the right place.

I suddenly had this rush of emotions, the joy of having shared so much mixed with the pain of realising it went like a falling star in the sky. Three of the most exiting and fullfilling days of my life as an artist. in short: AWESOME!


AWESOME . AWE SOME . AWE . Ar We E d . Art Week End .

                            !! ART WEEKEND !!

This is how it all started:

I think you have to create opportunities so I went to an event that is called “Art & Talk” organised by IA Mag and sponsored by Wacom.

You can see in the video beside I was there :p

just click on the play button to watch it entirely.

By the way, the new Wacom Tablets are awesome! (I just have some holdbacks about automony)

This is where I met lots of incredible people but among them two standed out as being just incredible, or should I say AWESOME!!

Bastien Grivet, who was the talker, inspiration and talent in a box of swiss chocolate :p

Jessica Rossier, as charming as her art skills are deadly!

She talked to me about that Art Weekend, something where artists gather for a few days and share their art, and it was like a slap in the face: have a look at their intro first.

I hesitated a bit first as I had not planned to go and I do not think you can know what it is going to be like if you haven’t lived it.

It is clearly an artists gathering but I would say it impacts you mostly as a human being: the kindness, the trust, the enthousiasm, the sharing, the love (it is as strong as that, really!). I mean, I did not know anybody there but I left knowing deep in my heart I have found a family 🙂

This video is a courtesy from Xavier Aliot, an incredible artist and poet.

On a music composed by Bastien Grivet.

You can grasp what it is like to be there: see how people smile and are truly happy.

What else can I say? It was just incredible! They took care of everything, made us feel like home, feed us with great food (had a fondue on saturday evening!) and they invited amazing artists that taught us through workshops.

Every single minute we had a surprise, either it be a rhum lover who wanted to share his knowledge to someone sharing tips on how to improve. We had great fun sitting on Santa’s lap for a picture or playing with Nerf guns in a war without mercy! And not to forget as well, an amazing concert by Deus Ex Machina, check them out!

This is the kind of experience nobody ever forgets and I won’t.


See you all next time for the Art Weekend # 4 😉 I will be there, will you?

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