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Making a Positive Change

by | Nov 25, 2016 | News | 0 comments

Many of us have already had the will to change something in the world. A change that would have an impact. A Positive impact.

However, who has ever come up with an answer to that question we then all have:

How to make a Positive Change?

I don’t pretend this is THE Solution but after a talk about Lost In Harmony by Yoan Fanise, founder of DigiXart, I had a flash.

He said that if you want to talk about something as difficult as cancer, do not talk about it. Create an experience that makes the player understand it, feel it.

This leads to me thinking that if you want to make a positive change, do not try doing a positive change. If you think about it, we did not succeed so far because it is kind of undefined, you can’t just go to someone and say “I want to make a positive change”, wouldn’t you agree?

All of that simply because a positive change does not exist by itself, you need something to change in order to make it happen.

You Need a Door in order to Make it Better!

That said, now it begins to make sense.

First you have to find something you can change.

Then only can you start thinking about how it will impact the world in a positive way.

I thought about this example when I talked about this “discovery” to my friends: People making tea. Some had the idea of making it in a fair way, helping everyone involved in the process. It seems simple but if everybody was doing the same, the Impact would be tremendous.

Now, you want to know what you should do. Easy peasy :p

Do what you already do, what you love, what you are best at. In short,

you don’t have to change WHAT you do in order to have a positive impact, change HOW you do it.

Think about what you could change to make it better for the people involved, better for the environment, better for the World.

It does not have to be a huge change at first, introduce it little by little, perfect it up to what you can and help people do the same. People, as for most things, are at the heart of it so make sure it impacts them.

The more you help people, the more positive your change will be 🙂


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